Episode 2

Published on:

24th Sep 2021

The East Fjords: Unique Stones, Viking Film set & breweries

The road trip continues...

Day 2 (Part 1):

  • Drive to Fjallsárlón (the better glacier lagoon)
  • Drive to Jökulsárlon (no more vegan hot dogs for us)
  • Sleep at Lambhús Cottages with glacier tongue view
  • Visit to the restaurant and brewery Jón Ríki

Day 3:

  • Drive to Vestrahorn (and Viking Village)
  • J.F.S. Handcraft (fantastic stone museum)
  • Natural hot pool in the middle of nowhere but too hot
  • Camping in Breiðalsvík and visit brewery Beljandi

We also tell you what we see on the road while recording. It can not get more exciting.

There might be some audio issues that make us sound like we stutter; sorry for that.

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